Convenient, Healthy, and Appreciated by Cats: 

Here at Animal Pootrol, we believe every pet deserves a clean, fresh and healthy environment. That’s why we created the Complete Kitty Litter Box Service – a simple, convenient and affordable service for cat owners that keeps your furry loved one’s litter box clean, sanitized and fresh.

Never buy kitty litter again (unless you have a special need)
Yes – you read that correctly. With the Complete Kitty Litter Box Service from Animal Pootrol you never need to buy, transport or store large and heavy bags of kitty litter again. We provide the litter and the boxes, and then clean and replenish them on a schedule of your choosing.

Affordable pricing, zero contracts

For a small monthly fee, Animal Pootrol will come to your home and empty the dirty litter, clean and disinfect the litter box, and refill the litter box with fresh litter. Clients generally like weekly service, but we can come more or less often depending on your needs. Cost varies based on service frequency and number of litter boxes cleaned. No contracts involved!

Designed with convenience in mind

Just like with our scooping service for dog owners, there is no need to wait at home for our technicians to arrive and clean your litter box(es). In fact, there is no need for us to ever step foot in your home at all. You place the litter boxes out for cleaning on your scheduled day and we take care of the rest!

Complete Kitty Litter Box Service FAQs

 How many litter boxes will I need for the service?
If your cat uses one litter box, you will need one extra litter boxes. One to put out for your cat for the upcoming week. If you keep two litter boxes out for you cats, then you will need four total (two clean boxes to put out for your cats on your service day while the other two dirty boxes are being cleaned, sanitized and refilled.)

Do you need access into my home?
No. We do not enter your home to provide our service so there is no need to be home when we come by to clean your box. Simply leave your dirty litter box next to your garage, under a carport, outside your back door or wherever is easiest for you on your service day. 

Will my cat’s litter box ever get mixed up with someone else’s?
Absolutely not. The Animal Pootrol process for cat litter service is designed to eliminate any possibility of a litter box mix-up. All the cleaning is done on site (at your location) and we never remove boxes from the premises, so there is zero chance of a mix-up occurring. We do this to ensure your cat’s environment stays as healthy, safe and clean as possible.

What types of kitty litter do you use?
We use an environmentally friendly litter. It is more absorbent than standard cat litter and has deodorizer included.

How often should I get your service?
Service frequency is completely up to you. It depends how often you wish to have your cat’s litter boxes scrubbed, disinfected, deodorized and completely refreshed with new litter. Some cat owners with multiple cats prefer twice-weekly service, others are fine with every other week or monthly service.
We recommend weekly service.

What products do you use to clean and disinfect the litter boxes – and are they safe for my cats and family?
We clean and disinfect all litter boxes with a standard bleach and water solution. This is the veterinarian-recommended method of killing viruses, germs and bacteria, and it is safe for your cats and family.

You shouldn’t have to as long as you have our service!

How much does the service cost?

The cost for Animal Pootrol Complete Kitty Litter Box Service varies. Factors that determine pricing include the type of cat litter selected, whether you have your own boxes or we are providing them, the frequency of service and the number of boxes we are cleaning for you.

Cat/Litter Box Clean-up