Patrol Division

Our mobile patrol units are available for patrol of your business, parking lots, or where ever you need us.  Our vehicles are equipped with a 1080p front facing camera that records anytime the vehicle is running, a mobile computer with internet access (for reports, documentation, and e-mail notification (if needed).  Our vehicles also carries additional lighting, First Aid kit, AED, Traffic Direction equipment, and and battery jump box.

Use our services for:

  • Building openings & closings duties Our Security personnel will lock up and lock down your premises at your agreed times. Our Mobile Security Officers will unlock your premises and disarm the intruder alarm for you at an agreed
  • Exterior building and parking lot checks Security officers ensure the rules governing the parking lot are followed, and report any suspicious activities when necessary to the local authorities.
  • Interior building checks Our Officers can patrol the interior of our building and check tempurature of the area and general condition,  We also can meet your special needs.
  • Employee escortsWhen closing, we will take the time to walk employees to their vehicle  in the lot.
  • Parking enforcement We can watch the parking lot and enforce your parking rules.  If needed we will work with Law Enforcement to have the vehicle towed at the Owners expense.

(Limited Area)

  • Mail We can pick up mail from PO Boxes and deliver it to your office.
  • Bank deposits We will make your deposit to your bank for you no need for your employees to worry about it.
  • Legal documents We can deliver your documents during our patrol so you can stay at work.
  • Freight  We can also deliver your small packages around town.


24/7/365 Emergency Response for:

  • Fire watch
  • Corporate downsizing
  • Natural disasters
  • Acts of vandalism
  • Equipment failures
  • Threats of violence or domestic abuse
  • Verified alarm response
  • Residential lock out response *(must subscribe to our key holder service)
  • Law enforcement assistance