Our Rapid Response Team teams can cover your entire event, Patrol your property, respond to incidents, look for missing people,  and provide care at the scene of an accident or injury!!! 

Our Polaris Ranger and our bicycle units are ready to patrol your event.  The Ranger and bikes allow officers and medics to respond to situations rapidly.  They also allow more personal interaction with the public, staff, and guests/patrons while on patrol. 

Each Rapid Response unit has warning lights, siren, head/tail lights, medical supplies, AED, fire extinguisher, Traffic Direction equipment (safety vests, traffic wands, Traffic cones or led flares), and all the paperwork we need to do the job. 

Patrols can provide roaming coverage of your event.  Providing a visual deterrent, interact with those in attendance, move through crowds with equipment, respond to incidents, patrol over different terrains,  and cover more area than walking, or in a car. 


We can provide Rapid Response Officers (Security Officers that are trained in First Aid, CPR, and AED).​
Or we can staff with 2 First Aid Medics

More information is available by contacting us at:


 Oshkosh WI 54902 US